Our Campbell Family Photos, etc.

(more to come)

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Me - drawn by Conor 1989


Evelyn - about 1940


Evelyn Campbell's 80th Birthday March 2000

Lee Campbell, Terry Campbell Putnam, Harold Campbell, Evelyn Colley Campbell, Maxine Campbell Schultz, Beverly Campbell

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Conor's '57 Chevy


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Harold, Beverly, Heather 

and Melissa -1987


Harold Campbell - 1988

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 Norm, Terry and Steve (early this century)


Hunter -October 1999



Donna's side (about 1989) 

Grant the latest addition (1999)

Donna's side 1999

Left to right standing: Lee, David, Donna, Conor, Stacey, Manny, Donna, Richard, Jodie, Kevin, Rick, Joe, Dee

In front: Alice, Grant and Mary

Stacey with friend Brandon

Conor and Stacey 1999

 Stacey and Conor 1999 

Check out Stacey (age 14) model on mural (looking up to carriage driver) 

in Steubenville Ohio


Alice and Stacey 1999 at 

ASU Graduation



Wesley Campbell, Evelyn Campbell, Helen Campbell, and George Campbell @ 1970

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